Monday, 12 September 2011

Academic excellence guarantees a successful life?

 Since child, we are been expose to world of academic trough kindergarten, schools, and until university. Academic excellence among us is very important, but to other people, it maybe not. It depends to them how they look to their future, and how important academic excellence will change their life. Is successful life need an academic excellence? Or a scroll of diploma or bachelor? I don’t agree just because you achieve academically does not mean you will be guarantee a successful life.  In my opinion, every people have different interpretation about successful life. A big house, a good carrier or luxury car maybe is what other people want, but for some people, a big happy family is enough to them.
Yes it is true academic achievement become important factor to get a better job. But for some people, they took different path to determine successful life to them. They use their talent and gift from god. Most of people go to schools or university and finish their study so they can apply for a good job that will earn a lot of income. Many students are now pushed into striving for academic excellence by their parents and teachers. I know it is a good effort of parents or society to encourage this student since they are kids. But as we know, it also can be drive them to stress, especially to student who feel they was born not to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. It is because they have different interest from other students. Obviously, the result is not same. They think they are not brilliant, but they have a talent that can help them to achieve what they want. Nowadays, there a lot of people outside there become a singer, musician ,entertainer, dancer or composer and this carrier need a talent and some effort. It is better to do what u like in your life, if u think that is a bigger successful for you. What is the point being successful if u didn’t enjoy what are you doing now.
Julian Casablancas is a great song writer and a singer  who I admire. He inspired me why I am disagree that academic excellence will guarantees a successful life. He was born in New  York City, New York, United States at 1973. His father is Spanish-American business mogul John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model Management, who married to  Jeanette Christiansen, a former model and miss Denmark.  His paternal grandfather , Fernando Casablancas, was a well-known textile businessman.  He never finished his study in school or colleagues, but continued to take music class where he says he first enjoyed himself in class. If we look to him, he come from a wealthy family that have a modeling agency and business, but he himself become a famous singer with his own band, The Strokes, in New York.  Casablancas said he just wanted to write music that could touch people. His passionate to music lead him to become a great song writer. He feel like finding a new friend when hearing to that song and made him a great artist.  This is one of example how  the power of talent and passion can help a person to get a successful life, in different road  from what his family done before. Then, why not we develop our talent and skills if it is one of the medium that we can use to achieve a successful life. It is a God gift and we have a responsible to use it wisely. For me, we as a human have a choice to choose what we want to be. Yes its sound like a high risk for us if we leave our education behind, especially in Malaysia, where government focus on education.  But the chance of success is always exists and we should try our luck if we are really want to achieve our dream.
 Elanor Powell is a good dancer and actress who appeared in many musicals in the 1930s and 1940s. She began dancing in Vaudeville when she was 11 and was on Broadway when she was 17. She developed her God given dancing talent to a very high level.  She was a good dancer, but an amazing tap dancer. In her day, she was known as "the world's greatest tap dancer. . The common sense point here is simple. Successful people commit to taking personal responsibility for their lives and careers. As Eleanor Powell said, "What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God." She took personal responsibility for using her God given dance talent to become the world's greatest tap dancer, and become a vaudeville, Broadway and Hollywood star. How about You?  What are your God given talents? What have you done to develop them? Commit to taking personal responsibility for developing your talents. It's the best way to thank God for giving them to you, to help others, and to create the successful life and career you want and deserve.
As a conclusion, academic excellence is only one of major factor to get a successful life.  It is true that academic excellence guarantees a good job and carrier to us but talent, skills, and willingness also can be a one step for us to being success build a better life. 

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